Wednesday, 31 July 2013

lisbon design: fabrica features

found this great design shop in lisbon fabrica features that showcases local portuguese artists and designers on top of the united colours of benetton store in the busy chiado shopping district

street art

interesting art pieces were highly visual in the streets, and underground as hunderwasser's tiles show.  the last photo is of a 3 storey building covered from top to bottom of ceramic plates which made for dramatic impact.

lisbon streets

lisbon's streets were an art work in themselves with beautifully cobbled streets, festooned alleyways and small crafted details in the buildings


go anywhere in portugal and you will see the colourful and riotous patterns of the azulejo which adorns lisbon's buildings. azulejo is a form of  tin-glazed ceramic tilework, and not only are they are beautiful but they are cool to touch, so perfect for the hot weather.  easily cleaned, they give the buildings a colour gloss and sheen even in the city's dirtiest parts.  i was hooked on them but it was these simple ones that stole my heart.

lisbon with love

this year has been overtaken by planning and executing a trip to lisbon and barcelona.  an aspiring trip which i felt like alice going down the rabbit hole.  took pictures of all sorts, some craft but more buildings and inspiring design in the iberian peninsula.  

Friday, 26 April 2013

map bunting: new zealand and british columbia

this series of map bunting feature the north and south island of new zealand as well as one of canadian british columbia.  the paper flags are sewn onto approx 1.5m of bias binding with 9 to 10 flags on each length.  you can find them on my felt shop for sale...

kisses and hugs hotwater bottle covers

there is something about the colder months that invites more craft endeavours.  made these hot water bottle covers as a thank you present for my parents who hosted us over the weekend.  putting my pile of woollen blankets to good use at last!