Friday, 26 October 2012

girl friday 26 october

am getting busy making my favourites, as girl friday will be leaving the garage for an outing to 'the great christmas market' at founders park on 25 november.  for all those looking for handmade crafty goodness this christmas look no further as this market should be chocker full of treats for everyone. check out

native flower glasses

have a 5 of these cute summer shot glasses in the garage.

cross stitch hair ties

freshly made hair ties with hand embroidered cross-stitch flowers and leaf patterns 

Friday, 19 October 2012

girl friday 19 october

was very happy to re-open the garage again after a holiday hiatus.  have found some great little pieces this week and am excited by the re-upholstery projects i have coming up.  am all set to go with hair accessory production too.  roll on craft times.

geometric green crown lynn

super happy to find these little puppies.  they make perfect coffee cups.

cute polka dot hairclips

my supplies have arrived and have started to make hairclips again.  started with these cute little ones.


found this portable typewriter this week.  cant decide whether to keep it or deconstruct it and see what i can make from it...