Friday, 27 January 2012

girl friday 27 january

i have to confess girl friday is a slow starter for 2012 as the summer holidays have been taken over by kids activities, pool and river swims, trips to the beach and skateboard parks.  needless to say it felt good to sweep the garage and lay things out to make me start thinking about creative projects again.  hoping this year holds lots more handmade vintage craftiness in the garage...

the ginghams

what is summer without a bit of gingham on the side?  this golden book was my first choice for paper bunting 2012.  perfectly matched with a brown gingham muffin holder and blue gingham apron.

summer linen

have some beautiful vintage linen table cloths and food covers in the garage at the moment, perfect for summer dining tables

baby love

for the little people in your life...these are the last two 'cuddly mama' dolls by mel opie left in the garage.  also have some girl friday handmade muslin for baby which come in either a packet of three small plain squares or one big square with pattern/design.