Friday, 25 May 2012

girl friday 25 may

its been a lovely week of pottering about in the sunny winter weather

polka dot belt

made this belt from a vintage cravat

winter drinks

glossed up this milk carrier with a citrus injection and have this lovely teal thermos for hot winter drinks

Friday, 18 May 2012

girl friday 18 may

this week was been very exciting with the completion of a couple of longstanding projects and some lovely finds..

chair make over

finished at last! this is the chair i have been restoring.
at the beginning of the year i was given a beautiful book 'design*sponge at home' by grace bonney which is full of inspiring restoration projects, so i went out and found myself a lost chair to put some tlc into...the chair i found was covered in worn out green vinyl that i stripped off to reveal a beautiful curved plywood back, as pictured below.  above is the chair freshly sanded, stained green and cushion recovered.  have loved the whole process and am on the look out for the next one...

and a suitcase to match

this re-covered suitcase is another project i have been working on and was inspired by another blog that i follow  this is written by an american lady called elsie larson and it contains lots of quirky projects and crafty inspiration.

glassy greens

found these beautiful glass vases.  am loving the combination of soft greens with the creamy ceramics.

Friday, 11 May 2012

happy mother's day

for all those swinging mothers out there....this is for you

girl friday 11 may

have been out and about this week and found some great items for the kitchen this week...and just in time for mother's day the gladioli are in their second bloom.

made in new zealand

just what your kitchen needs....some made in new zealand kitchen scales and a choysa tea tin, perhaps?

picnics and fresh oven mitts

have a lovely collection of picnic accessories and a freshly made oven mitt for anyone partial to a bit of baking

Friday, 4 May 2012

girl friday 4 may

with mother's day approaching i have decided to make a run of japanese belts for the garage and felt store.   see the second one of the series below.

japanese belt 2

this latest belt is made from a lightweight japanese scarf backed with rich purple silk and features a pull through buckle.

button eye card

this button eye bird is from the latest batch of cards