Friday, 30 March 2012

girl friday 30 march

my goodness only a week until easter.  feel like i have been chasing my tail this term and only just managing to squeeze in sewing time. hopefully over easter and the holidays i will be able to catch up on some projects...that chair in the garage still awaits.
no girl friday on good friday so see you in a couple of weeks...

moose and company

i made this week's tea cosy from a fabric i recently fell in love with. too cute. love the moose walking by casually and the bear coming up for a friendly scare.  will be making more so each animal gets a chance to shine...that red fox is just itching to get into centre frame.

nursery rhyme bunting

when i found this golden book it was well past its used by date with no cover and tatty edges but turned out just fine as bunting.

Friday, 23 March 2012

girl friday 23 march

have some lovely handy kitchen accesories in the garage this week...

toasty tea cosy

have just started to play around with making tea cosys as winter approaches.  this one is made out of embroidered linen and lined with a woollen blanket to keep the teapot not only pretty but toasty!

the egg bunting

i made this bunting for my little girl's room, out of an old book i had when i was little.  the book was well loved and had the odd pencil scribble added to it however i managed to selvage most of it.  i love its bold illustrations and the square format ended up looking great as bunting.

sewing project: cropped winter coat

one of my favourite sewing projects is finding wool or leather coats from op-shops and restyling them.  i bought this coat in an op-shop last year and have only finished re-styling it now!  just shows you how long it can get some projects finished with kids around...anyway am now loving its cropped sleeves and new buttons.

also just purchased this great 'our hearts beat for kokako' badge from chalkydigit's online shop.  visit to find out how chalkydigits are supporting new zealand birdlife.  i am super pleased with it and well worth $20!

Friday, 16 March 2012

girl friday 16 march

at the moment i am loving autumnal hydrangeas in the garden as they lose their bright summer pinks and turn to tawny shades of pink and green.  

tea party in a box

the crown lynn colletion

gorgeous glass

i think is this my favourite type of vintage glassware for its gold stripes and gorgeous colours

Saturday, 10 March 2012

girl friday 9 march

no girl friday this week as we were here!  had a beautiful week in the abel tasman celebrating birthdays and family.

Friday, 2 March 2012

girl friday 2 march

have found some lovely things this week to put straight into the garage and a few that i am in the process of working on.  after pouring over the project section of grace bonney's beautiful and inspiring book 'design*sponge at home', i am trying my hand at some chair restoration.  hopefully you will see the results in the upcoming weeks.  design*sponge also have a fantastic website, check them out at

vintage crown lynn

found this beautiful and aptly named 'vintage' crown lynn set.  6 cups with saucers in mint condition.  ready for someone to enjoy!


am loving this old milk carrier...planning on glossing this one up with some spray paint...will repost the end result

great book

cant go past a great book cover