Friday, 29 June 2012

girl friday 29 june

have been stocking up the felt shop this week with some bunting and bird cards...

southern hemisphere map bunting

have been made this lastest map bunting with southern hemisphere countries starting in africa and ending on argentina

comes with its own star map bag

golden book bunting

made this great animal orchestra bunting this week

vintage linen bird cards

have made a few more vintage linen bird cards for the felt shop this week...

Friday, 22 June 2012

girl friday 22 june

midwinter! due to increased indoors time i have been finding a bit more space in my week to make things which has been lovely.  have a couple of knitting projects on the go and have made a few more woodland creature items which i have added to the felt shop....

knitted cushion project

have been playing around with making knitted cushions this week.  am loving the chevrons on this knitted square.  i used an old jersey for the back of the cushion and attached buttons along the side for the cushions opening.

'little sister's dress' knitted in the round

after enjoying knitting my son's hat in the round, this week i have started a 'little sister's dress' in the round for my daughter.  the pattern is from the excellent website and is a gorgeous tora froseth design.  a bit more challenging so i will let you how it goes!

woodland creatures mitts and cosys

have made another batch of woodland creature kitchen accessories this week.  above are the oven mitts and below are the blanket lined tea cosys.  all of which will go into the felt shop....


bikes and accessory wall

this weeks accessory wall includes: belts, lavender bird, hairclips, babushka dolls and a ring for good luck.  oh and my husbands bike NFS!

Friday, 15 June 2012

girl friday 15 june

its all about knitting this week in the garage.  not only have i finished off my first knitting project for the season but have collected a few choice knitting needles and patterns to boot.

hat knitted in the round

just finished this hat for my son who has been bravely scootering off to school everyday without a hat, brrrr! this hat should keep both his head and ears toasty warm.  loved knitting in the round as the hat is seamless which means no sewing up at the end.

knitwear for the kids

have these great kids knitting patterns, including some vintage ones for inspiration

knitwear for the ladies

couldnt resist these!  

Friday, 8 June 2012

girl friday 8 june

have had a lovely week of finding new things for the garage and am still enjoying finding things that bring a winter citrus injection.  also have started my first knitting project just in time for the first southern cold blast...

milk jugs

have these cute little milk jugs in the garage at the moment

cocktails and geometrics

found this lovely glass cocktail set and a stunning pair of yellow geometric tea light candle holders

Friday, 1 June 2012

queens birthday weekend


this seems an appropriate image for the weekend, found this great letter from the queen's 1963 royal visit to new zealand addressed to the school children of new zealand.  safe travels everyone whether it be by royal cruiser liner or more standard means over the weekend.

girl friday 1 june

some mid-winter sun still making its way into the garage this week